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Simple way to repair your washing machine

Washing your clothes with modern machines is a simple task, unless you face the problem of a broken washing machine. The machines were designed to make life more easier, but when they malfunction they can be overwhelming.  Simple way to fix your washer – call Washer Repair Service!

One thing which disturbs many people is when their washing machine breaks down and they are not sure of the reason behind its malfunctioning. There are several tips here as to why your washer wont agitate your clothes or why it cant drain. Here you will get several ideas of the symptoms and the spare parts which can sort your washers issues.

Most common broken symptoms of broken washer

  • Noisy
  • leaking
  • Failing to start
  • Failing to agitate
  • Timer failing to advance
  • Pumps but failing to spin
  • Washer shaking and moving


Most washing machines are faced with this problem. You can identify the problem with your washer by the type of noise it makes. It can either be a rattle of a motor pump, or a belt squealing or maybe it can be the wearing out of the tub bearings. A washer repair for this particular problem will be solved by obtaining the parts that can repair your washer issues.


If your washer has a leaking problem, you can diagnose it because the main reason can be a worn out pump,a failure of the water inlet valve or worn out door seals. You will have to check their status and install new ones to make it return to normal functioning.

Failing to start

If your washer has failed to start, then you have to check some of its components. Check components like the switches, door latch switches,timers,electronic controls and most importantly the thermal fuses. This components need to be assessed keenly and if need be you should replace them with new ones.

Failing to agitate

You can diagnose the reason behind your washer failing to agitate by inspecting specific components. These components include the coupler, the drive belt, the agitator cogs and the transmission. If you find out that they are in critical condition,then you have no choice but to replace them.

Timer failing to advance

You can investigate and determine why the timer in your washer is failing to advance. You can achieve that by troubleshooting things like the lid switch, water level control, timer motor and the drain pump.Washer repair is easy as you just have to check if they are still intact and determine their status to know if they need replacement.

Pumps but fails to spin

Washer repair for this is not that complicated. For a washer that fails to spin, you need to test the direct drive motor which attaches the door lock and the motor wax. If the drive motor needs repair then you have to check its status to determine whether to replace it or just repair it.

Washer that shakes and moves

You can troubleshoot and repair a washer that moves and shakes by first determining the real problem. You can do that by inspecting the leveling legs,the shock absorbers or the tub dampening straps. If you realize the shock absorbers are worn out, replace them. If the leveling legs are loose tighten them. By doing so, your washer wont be shaking and moving as you do your laundry.

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