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Got a Pile of Wet Clothes at Home? Let Us Handle It!

You have a million things to do. You have to take your kids to school, work is giving you stress, and now your dryer isn’t working. Don’t stress about it and call us for Dryer Repair. We can fix it.

First though…..

Double check to make sure your dryer is actually broken. There is a chance that the appliance is simply not plugged in. Here is a list of problems your dryer can have:

  • Noisy (above normal)
  • Won’t start or stop
  • Too hot or not hot enough
  • Stops turning during a cycle
  • Will not shut off
  • Broken door/timer

We have listed the problems so you can troubleshoot your dryer and see if there is a problem that needs to be fixed by our dryer repair experts.

Sometimes it is possible to fix a dryer by yourself, and we don’t mean to discourage this. It can take an hour or so to fix, but please take into account that DIY repair will require you to buy required materials. Before jumping into a project, we also ask that you take into account your safety and do not try anything too risky.

For example, a common problem is that there is no heat. In this case, check the thermal fuse of your dryer, because it may have literally “ran out of battery” so to speak, and needs replacing. Another problem is a broken dryer door. The door will require 4 repair tools, and 11 materials, such as gas valve coils, a tensioner, and radiant sensors.

If you would like to save yourself time and stress, as well as money for gas and parts, follow the below steps to a quick and friendly repair service.

3 Simple Steps to Contacting Us For Dryer Repair

1. Check your calendar for a time available on your schedule to check in with us before you call. That way, you won’t have to worry about it on the phone.

2. Write down the information about the appliance model to save you time.

Here is what you’ll need to provide us with:

Type of dryer

Model number

Serial number

Type of problem (if identifiable)

If you can’t pinpoint the exact problem, don’t worry! That’s what we’re here to do. Leave the dryer repair part to us, and simply state why you think the dryer is broken by referring to the list at the top of this article.

3. Call if you need to reschedule, or if you have another appliance that may need fixing! Our Dryer Repair service is here to help you with all your appliance repair needs, in an efficient and professional way. It is our greatest pleasure to serve you in any way we can.

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